Schulfreie Tage




  09.09. - jeweils 18.30 Uhr
  Elternabende Kl. 10, 11, 12

  Exkursion Kl. 12
  Praktikum Kl. 11

  Exkursion Weimar Kl. 10  

  16.09. 18.30 Uhr
  Elternabend Kl. 9


  21.09. 18.30 Uhr
  Elternabende Kl. 7, 8

  23.09. 18.30 Uhr
  Elternabende Kl. 5, 6 






























From 8th September to 13th September we, the students of class 9, went on a trip to England. We saw a lot of interesting sights and it was really exciting to be in a host family.
On Monday, for example, we visited Dover Castle and we were walking along the White Cliffs. The next day we spent a whole day in London. There we saw the Changing of the Guards, Buckingham Palace and some of us were at the St. Paul’s Cathedral und walked over the famous Millennium Bridge.


The most exciting part was the spectacular view from the London Eye. Wednesday was a rainy day in Brighton, but it didn’t prevent us from having a nice day too. There we could go shopping or walk along the beach. In the evening we came back to Gillingham, where our host families lived, and learned a lot about a typical English tea ceremony.  We even made scones ourselves!
On our last day the sun was shining, and we were in Canterbury. It’s a beautiful town! There we went shopping and took part in a tour in which we learned many facts about the history of the city. Later we listened to five of the Canterbury Tales. Some of them are funny, others teach you a life lesson. In the evening we prepared for our bus ride back to Germany. Surprisingly we were lucky, and it was a pretty fast one

Finally, we would like to thank go-prisma for arranging the trip, our teachers for looking after us so well, our bus drivers for taking us to the right places, the bus for always working properly and of course we want to thank our parents for paying for this really nice trip.


Maren Saurer